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About Us

About Us

Tiffin (cooked food packed in a container, transported and served at a predetermined time) Authentic Indian Cuisine was developed after considering the above points and taking into consideration my experience & we came up with Tiffin Authentic Indian Cuisine from India to USA in three simple steps – CUT, HEAT, and SERVE. We focus onto curating mildly spiced & pleasantly tasteful Indian cuisine into hassle-free Ready-to-Eat products, meant to be consumed anytime & anywhere by anyone.

Brand Evolution

All this began with the establishment of Indian Restaurant in East Africa as a passion approach to food. After nearly a decade of experience in Indian cuisine apart from owning, we have become more interested in creating recipes, adding twists and local touches to Indian cuisine, and creating menus for catering and restaurants. As a result, we obtained sufficient knowledge about Indian cuisine in a wide variety. After moving to the United States and working in Fast Food Chains for four years, we developed a little bit of an understanding of American taste buds.

The availability of Indian cuisine is very limited, and vegetarian food is especially hard to find in the United States. Having good knowledge and experience, our immediate reaction was if by any chance, we could get Indian cuisine made in India with authenticity, while keeping in mind of the American taste bud and combining modern food technology without artificial flavours, colours, and hygienically prepared in a GMP-certified manufacturing plant with quality ingredients. 

Indian food is known for its diversity and is loved across the globe for its curries, spices & flavour. It requires allocating long hours in the kitchen, chopping, grinding, mixing & blending on a daily basis.

TIFFIN India’s Authentic Cuisine provide delicious and nutritious food without the hassle of cooking. These are best alternate meal options for all people who skip meals and tend to rely on Fast food due to time constraints in their busy work schedule. Our RTE range has been designed methodically keeping in mind the needs of the modern consumer.

With hard work, we have undergone creating recipes with right spices and expertise, leading to quality taste that developed 20 SKUs and more underway variants to be able to serve working couples, individuals looking for Indian cuisine, students, bachelors, for activities like camping or picnic, convenience stores and so on.

Apart from individual serving, our products can be a blessing for commercial kitchen by enabling chef to retain their signature recipes saving time without compromising the quality and taste.

Quality Policy

Our stringent norms with adequate quality checks, continuous innovations & improvement in product techniques speaks for our quality. The USP of our Unit is the ease and flexibility to Develop and Customise food combos and meals as per the requirements of our clients.

  • Continuous improvement through technology upgradation
  • Consistent product quality to customers
  • International production standards
  • Best practices in lieu of Food Safety Hazards
  • Continuous training and development of employees focused towards Quality Management System
  • Embed HACCP principles at all stages of manufacturing & development
  • Diligent quality checks overseen by experts
  • Standardized processes moderated by a panel of qualified controllers and managers


We Employ the State-of-the-art technology, in compliance with adequate Quality & Safety Measures. The most technically advanced and sophisticated machines are deployed at production facility.

  • Steriflow Horizontal Retort machine, imported from Spain.
  • Korean Lee Pack fully automated pouch Packing Machine.
  • Turkey made a Pack machine for tray sealing, with Map facility, providing a longer shelf life to the Products.
  • Cold Storage
  • Well-equipped Lab for Physical, Chemical & Microbiological Analysis.
  • Hi-tech Air Circulation System
  • Excellent Layout design and Work Zone segregation.
  • Separate Admin Block
  • Current production capacity is 4 tonnes per shift with a provision of expanding up to twice the capacity.
  • Ergonomic design and spacious workplace, in compliance with International Standards.